Saturday, January 30, 2010

For Sale: Technology and Website for creating and selling user-customized Android applications

For Sale: Technology and Website for creating and selling user-customized Android applications.

See everything in action:

The web-application allows anyone to create, purchase, and share their own Android application (no programming required).

The technology behind the site is for sale, including: website code and Android code. (The company/domain is not for sale. There are no obligations to existing customers.)

The buyer could have their own site up and running, creating Android apps and charging customers within days.

The app currently built by the site is an "Android Business Card" (check out the above URL for a full demo). The system could also be modified for building and selling other customizable Android applications.

The ability to monetize is built into the site. Users can build and test their application for free and pay to get a releasable and shareable version.

Similar services that build applications for the iPhone are charging $199-$499 per app. Getting a developer to build an app similar to that produced by the site would cost several thousand dollars.

The technology behind the site: Python/Django, Android SDK, Amazon S3, and Google Checkout for charging. I have developed all code behind the site and can make transitioning it fast and easy.

Email bennybeta (gmail) for offers and inquiries.

If you are an entrepreneur interested in the mobile apps space this could be an excellent opportunity.

If you run an Android-targeted website and are interested in a referral fee, please spread the word.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Working with VirtualEnv and Pip

I've just begun working with VirtualEnv and Pip for my Python project package management. So far I'm impressed. Rather than just rehash the tutorials I've read I'll just point you to some good ones...
Okay, here's a few commands I've used...

virtualenv --no-site-packages env
pip install -E env yolk
source env/bin/activate
yolk -l
pip install -E env -e svn+
pip freeze -E env > requirements.txt
pip install -E env -r requirements.txt

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year with AndTip.Me

I just launched a new site on Jan.1 2010 (Happy New Year) called AndTip.Me. The site is for Android users to get and share tips for using their powerful mobile devices.

The site is still in progress, but the cool things is how fast it was put together and launch (thanks in large part to the power of Django). Basically the site went from idea to launch in less that a week with only a couple hours a day of work (probably about 12 hours total).

I'll try to do some more posts on the technologies behind the site, including: Haystack, Whoosh, django-comments, django-voting, and Amazon EC2.